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Call for stakeholder input on studies on marine plastic pollution and the circular economy

The Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), the only African Island States intergovernmental organization, promotes regional cooperation for sustainable development. The IOC has initiated three studies on marine plastic pollution and the circular economy in the eight AIODIS (African and Indian Ocean Island Developing States) countries. The studies are backed by the SWIOFish2 project funded by the World Bank.
The Covid-19 pandemic prevents the consultants from visiting the target countries. In order to implement the three studies, the IOC requests that stakeholders provide information and advice to the consultants and share their views with the consultants on the on the three studies. The consultants may request specific information, or comments on their work through email, through conference calls, or by other means. It is anticipated that the studies will be completed by early 2021, so your timely assistance would be greatly appreciated. Additional details will be made available following review of the inception reports which are currently in preparation. National Focal Points will be fully engaged in the work and can be contacted for further information (see below).

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